About Us

Yesterday and Today

In 1900, Charles W. Marsh developed a packing that was naturally strong, extremely reliable, and made from an abundant and renewable resource: leather.

Today, CW Marsh is still a family owned business and leather is still the best for sealing hydraulic or pneumatic equipment.

Only The Best

leather seals - CW MarshCW Marsh offers you the best of both worlds: the toughest, most versatile natural material available for sealings and the benefits of a century of technological advancements and product innovation. All of this and the attentive customer care of a family-run business.

Highly Rated

Our packings are still custom-made, from the highest quality hides. Our standards have ensured us the highest quality rating from our customers, past and present.

On The Record

We pride ourselves on keeping traditions alive in a way very few other companies can. We have records that go back 100 years. If you’ve got a problem that goes back to a 1920 machine, we might be able to tell you the exact packing that went into the original product.

Customers First

We pride ourselves in keeping you up and running. If you’ve got a problem, we know that you need your packing now.

Our Promise

At CW Marsh, we’ve learned a few things about success in the last hundred years: You’ve got to make a better part, you’ve got to offer the most responsive customer service and on-time delivery, and you can never forget that the customer on the other end—whether it’s the other end of a telegraph, the telephone, or over the web—that customer is a person who’s depending on you to get it right, this time, next time, and every time. That’s our promise.